Baiano: “Confident that investigators will provide answers quickly”

Baiano. 54 years old, found drained of blood in the courtyard of his brother’s house in Baiano. This is how Felice Lippiello died. The man was killed by a stab that severed the femoral artery.

Although he had the strength to call emergency services, when the paramedics arrived on Via De Sanctis, unfortunately there was no more time: Lippiello died while being transported to the hospital in Nola.

At the moment, it is excluded that the victim had ties to organized crime, but the hypothesis of a settling of scores remains, perhaps related to drugs.

An initial reconstruction indicates a possible struggle with the attacker, possibly triggered by an initial argument, and some positions are being verified.

Investigators are trying to narrow down the author or authors of the crime. The Carabinieri are analyzing the surveillance camera footage in the area and Lippiello’s phone records.

The community of Baiano is shaken. Mayor Enrico Montanaro does not hide his concern, especially considering the location where the murder took place, Via De Sanctis, a side street of the main street in the town.

“We have full confidence in the judiciary to solve the case as soon as possible. It is the community that strongly demands it. My fellow citizens are worried given the location, the time, and the methods of this heinous crime. These are episodes that inevitably leave a mark.”

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